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Cell Biology& Associative memory & the Personalty

Cell Biology& Associative memory & the Personalty

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Event: Assay VI Date: 2 July 1994 Volume: Vol. 15,
#047Original Copyright: 1995
Diagrams: Nerve Fiber, Carbules, Synaptic Cleft, Dendrite Spines with named parts

Disc 1
01. Associative Memory and the Personality Self
02. Anatomy of a Nerve Fiber
03. Neuron Wiring in the Brain and Associative Hookup
04. Visual Thought in the Frontal Lobe from Associative Memory
05. How Electrical Energy Occurs Inside the Nerve Fiber: Reverse-Firing
06. Muscular Movement from Signal Firing and Practiced Concentration
07. Associative Conditioned Response and Predictability
08. Synaptic Firing in the Brain: Mind in the Cleft
09. Neurons Firing on the Head of the Soma and Getting Out of Dante's Inferno
10. Learning and Memory with and without Association
11. Real Genius and Mastering Attention

Disc 2
01. Changing Self by Changing Neuropatterns
02. Rewiring the Brain through Repetition
03. Attitudes and the Release of Enzymes Causing Illness and Disease
04. The Fundamentals of the Teachings
05. Emotional Effects on the Body and the Acquisition of Knowledge to Cause a Reversal in the Brain
06. God Outside of Time
07. Dream Input Versus Environmental Input and Twilight.
08. Dante's Inferno and the Count of Monte Cristo
09. Minerals, the Diet of a Warrior, and the Tragedy of Old Age
10. The Moral of Today's Teaching: Short-Term Versus Long-Term Memory

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