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Do it Yourself Emergency Preparedness

Do it Yourself  Emergency Preparedness

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(Paperback) by Arlene, R. Hoag

"Our previous book, No Such Thing as Doomsday, is the definitive text for the seriously survival-minded who plan to build an underground or basement shelter.
Do-It Yourself Emergency Preparedness grew out of a desire to create a book as informative and useful as our previous book yet smaller, more economical and with an appeal to a much wider audience.
This book doesn't spend much time describing potential threats -- what you get are the solutions." "Those who have a copy of No Such Thing as Doomsday will find some of the same information in our new book. This information has been reorganized, edited and updated. Lots of new information has been added including a chapter titled "Steps to take when an emergency happens" and a chapter on evacuation "What to do if you need to leave your home." Order yours today:

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