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Escaping the Trap of the Light

Escaping the Trap of the Light

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Description: Advanced Pace 16-17 November 1989

Session 1, November 16 Disc 1

01. Toast And Greetings

02. Class Of Enlightenment: Addressing Fear Through Knowledge

03. Time To Engage A Knowledge Of Progressive Understanding

04. Death And The Light

05. Visible Light Spectrum And The Lightbody

06. Entities Living In The Light

07. Why Can’t You Remember? 08. The Brain, Body, And Genetic Progression

Disc 2

01. Truth Versus Faith; Sin

02. The Path Of A Christ

03. Deceivers And The Posthypnotic Suggestion To Go To The Light

04. Taking A Quantum Leap In Knowledge

05. Greetings And Toast

06. Mechanics Of The Void

07. The Alchemist's Passion And Where The Light Comes From

08. Taking Thought Down The Ladder Of Progression

09. Wisdom Belongs To God

10. Life As An Illusion And The Cowards In The Light

11. Child Prodigies

Disc 3

01. Child Prodigies Who Are Vegetables

02. Ghosts And The Dead In Christ

03. The Image And Your Ability To Do Something About It

04. Free Will And Waking Up To The Fact That Everything Is An Illusion November 17, 1989

05. Greetings And Toast

06. What This Teaching Does For You

07. Intelligence On Levels That Supersede The Light Spectrum

08. The Creative Thought Process

09. Why Ramtha Calls Us His People

10. The Light And Polarity

11. Illumination, Knowledge, And Finding True And Noble Virtues


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