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The Dynamic Realization Shop

The Dynamic Realization Shop

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Disc 1 Jan 18 The Big Self And The Little Self
01. Greetings And Toast
02. The Unseen All Around Us And The Importance Of Repetition
03. The Dialogue Days
04. Establishment Of The School And Its Experiencial Training
05. The Architecture Of The Disciplines Towards Acceptance
06. Living The Change Of Mind As The New Authority
07. The Big Self And The Little Self
08. Levels Of Training
09. Reviewing What We Have Been Taught
10. Creating The Day With The Spiritual Eye

Disc 2

01. The Devoted Student
02. Our Development Of Gifts Beyond The Norm
03. Those Who Have Made Their Fortunes
04. 2013: A Marvelous Year For Magic, Ramtha’s Runners Back On, Energy In Flux
05. Creating Tomorrow Jan 19 Adaptation To Change
06. Greetings And Toast
07. Queries Of Self, Cover-Ups, And Denials
08. Entangled Layers In The Neuronet Of Personality And Emotion — Drama
09. Why What We Focus On Doesn’t Manifest
10. Hiding Behind A Quiet Drama To Preserve The Cover-Up

Disc 3

01. What Blocks The New Experience — Taking A Truthful Look At Self
02. Presence, Genetics, DNA, And Adaptation To Change
03. The Power To Free Youself
04. Connecting To The God Within
05. Orbs Communicating Through Technology And How They Can See Your Future (Referring To Ghost Radar)
06. Changing Destiny — The Song Of The Future
07. Getting To The Heart Of What Matters
08. The Fine Print In Being Free And Belonging To The Future Jan 20 Choosing The Greater Mind
09. Greetings And Toast
10. The Self-imposed Condition On A Mass Level And Finding One’s Own Journey

Disc 4

01. JZ’s Dedication, Becoming Exceptional And Then Fate Steps In
02. Fate And The Application Of Creating The Day
03. Ethics: Living To The Finer Code Of Your Own Filter
04. Wiring The Brain To A New Self
05. The Use Of Kenetic Energy And Giving Your Brain Commands Before Slumber
06. The Forecast For 2013
07. Understanding Spiritual Beings
08. Orbs And Levels Of Great Consciousness Married To Energy And Frequency

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