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Tapping Into The Ever Changing Universe

Tapping Into The Ever Changing Universe

Product Information

Event: Changes Update Workshop, Day 1
Date: 20 May 2011
Number Discs: 2

Disc 1
01. Greetings And Toast
02. Manifested States In Consciousness And Awareness
03. The Quintessential "I" And The Great Unified Field
04. The Great Unmanifested And Streams Of Consciousness
05. Knowing You Can Change - Learning the Great Art Of Detachment
06. Masters Of The Far East And The Observer To A Quantum Physicist
07. When The Observer Goes Whole, We Are One With All
08. Interrupting The Reality Of Habitual Emotions With Observation

Disc 2
01. Shifting To Parallel Realities
02. Fields Of Light And Frequency
03. Learning The Art Of Being The Observer
04. Changing States And DNA - It's Personal
05. Sustaining The State And Fundamental Changes In Self
06. Jesus Is Supposed To Come Tomorrow
07. The Physiology Of Fear Versus Entering A State Of Calm
08. How Fear Interrupts Destiny And Creating Alternate States
09. Selecting A Destiny From Infinite Possibilities Of Parallel Galaxies


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