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Jack & Mops Magical Adventures

Jack & Mops Magical Adventures

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 Join Jack and Mops on their magical adventures after listening to their neighbor, Mrs. Bentley, telling them fascinating stories about the hidden magic to be found in Hampstead Green when she was growing up.
Dwarfs, fairies, wizards, and talking animals were part of the day as well as places invisible to grownups.  Follow Jack and Mops when they discover the Lady of the Oak, the house under the mound, and meeting with all the magical folks. Learn that what you think matters and that we hold the secret of magical possibilities locked inside each of us.

About the Author: Pamella Paizs grew up in Australia, a land rich in its storytelling. Fascinated with children’s stories and their potential to encourage hope and joy in her young life, Paizs decided to take the story of Cinderella and illustrate how all the wonder in Cinderella’s life could be available to all young children.
“Jack & Mops Magical Adventures” will reveal those very secrets for all young minds.

"Children's stories tell the story of the awesome and the miraculous, and they do it all without math. The only math that can ever explain a rag turning into a beautiful gown is quantum mechanics. There is a math for that explanation. There is a math for turning a pumpkin into a carriage. Quantum mechanics says that the molecular structures that make up a pumpkin also have a potential to be a carriage. All we have to do is change the intent - dissolve the pumpkin and change its intent. Futhermore, we know that Cinderalla had a Fairy Godmother.
Who do you think the Fairy Godmother was?"

- Ramtha



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