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Soul 101: Discovering the Map

Soul 101: Discovering the Map

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New Group Workshop
January 28, 1995

Disc 1
2. Redefining Self
3. Questions of the Beginner
4. The Pattern of Creation
5. The Book of Life and the Soul's Map
6. The Soul as the Holy Ghost
7. Dreams and the Soul
8. The Soul and the Light Review
9. Reincarnation
10.Sacred Wisdom
11.Conscience as the Soul's Mapping

Disc 2
1. Behavioral Laws vs. Soul Laws
2. Soul Magnetism
3. Cultivating the Divine Self
4. Purposefulness of the Buddhist's Art
5. Human Being vs. Spiritual Being
6. Points of Lofty Consideration
7. Toast and Query
8. Orbiting the Now
9. Past Lives and the Brain
10. Mastering Addictions

Disc 3
1. The Ethereal Spirit and Changing Your Mind
2. DHEA and the Spirit
3. Isolating Spirit
4. The Disciplines and the Trance State
5. Karma
6. Free Will and Tracks of Personal Belief
7. Belief Through Our Senses
8. What Ramtha Is
9. Toast and Acknowledgement of Cards
10.Divine Alignment and Creating Your Day

Disc 4
1. DNA Code Subject to Commands
2. Training Self to be Divine
3. The Midbrain and the Spirit
4. The List
5. Bodily Functions, Nutrients, and the Brain
6. The Frontal Lobe
7. The Reticular Formation and Making Law
8. Belief and Faith
9. Possibilities in Spirit
10.Habits and Addictions
11.Being a Spiritual Being
4 Discs

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