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Holodeck, matrix and the Sacred Builders

Holodeck, matrix and the Sacred Builders

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Moments with the Master CD Series
From Advanced Evening, February 10, 1994
Disc 1
2.The Holodeck
3.Matrix of Energy Lines and UFOs
4.How the Matrix Works
5.Secret Societies of Builders in Antiquity
6.Solomon's Temple
7.Anatomy of a Thought
8.Showing Oscillating Waves to Become Particle Mass
9.Mathematics and Communicating on Other 10.Dimensions
11.Imaging in Three Dimensions
12.Reacting vs. Imaging
13.A Master's Consciousness vs. Body/Mind Consciousness

Disc 2
1.Secret of the Sacred Builders
2.Practice and Dreams
3.Subconscious Mind as the Lawgiver
4.Happiness and Joy as State of Mind
5.Apathy and Limitations
6.How You Can Have Anything You Want
7.This Year's Dedication
8.Preservation of Truth
9.The Criteria of This Group
10.Subconscious Mind Responds to Ramtha
11.Instructions for Focus on the List or Card
Music: "Away", "Red Balloon" (Acquired through Music 2 Hues Publishing, All Rights Reserved. ' 1999). 12.Closing

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