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Holiest of Holies

Holiest of Holies

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From Advanced Evening, September 17, 1993

Disc 1
1. Toast and Query
2. The Subconscious Mind and What Was Learned at Assay I
3. Hypnotists and What They Can Do to the Subconscious Mind
4. Capacity of the Subconscious Mind
5. The Assay I Initiation
6. Caterpillar as an Analogy for Focus
7. The Hypnotist's Ability to Entrance the Brain
8. Open-Mindedness of the Assay I Group
9. The Path of Ascension
10. The Days-To-Come Teachings as a Weeding Process
11. Sovereignty
12. Explanation of the Brain Drawing

Disc 2
1. Making Contact with Subconscious Mind
2. Neuropulse Thermo Noise
3. Initiation by the Process of Commands
4. Baptism
5. How to Know God
6. Doubt
7. Tests for Sincerity and Honor
8. Avoiding Seven Years of Famine
9. Examples for Cards
10. Instructions
11. Ramtha's Love
12. Unimpeccable Students
13. What Ram Loves About Us
14. The Alchemist
2 discs

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