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Genetic Memory & the Sixth Sense

Genetic Memory & the Sixth Sense

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Event: Advanced Workshop Date: 26 January 1993

Diagrams Required: Diagram of the 7 Bodies Shadowing Each Other

Disc 1
01. Toast
02. Two Components of Memory
03. D?j? vu As Genetic Memory
04. Body/Mind Consciousness Accumulation of Knowledge
05. Midbrain as the Sixth Sense Psychic Center
06. Suppression of the Sixth Sense by Language
07. Doubt as a Destroyer, and Leonardo da Vinci was a Woman
08. Being Humble Enough to Reorganize Knowledge
09. Activating the Dormant Midbrain
10. How a Broken Spirit Facilitates Miracles
11. Activating Subconscious Mind
12. The Soul and Seven Bodies of Consciousness

Disc 2
01. Seven Bodies of Consciousness
02. Soul: the True Child of God
03. Copulation and the Entry of the Soul
04. Genetic Predestination and the Consciousness of the Soul
05. The Soul's Choice for a Transgendered Lifetime: Crossovers
06. An Ideal Environment for Evolution
07. Enfolded Blue BodySM and Dimensional Experiences
08. Advancing the Body Beyond Duality
09. Training, Adaptation, and Surrender
10. Sacrifice to the Great Work
11. Fatigue and Frequency Change
12. Multiplying the Rewards of Labor
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