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Birthing of the Atomic Structure

Birthing of the Atomic Structure

Product Information

Event: Legacy Evening
Date: 6 February 2003
Number Discs: 3

Disc 1

Ramtha Dialogue Remote This remote portion of the recording contains static and dropouts

01. A Little Chitchat and a Toast
02. Pulling Out the Mind of God through Legacy
03. Nikola Tesla and the God Particle
04. Dream Reality
05. Neuronet Disconnection and Resistance
06. Creating the Day and Advice for Parents of the Great Work

Ramtha in the Arena
07. Toast
08. Welcome Students from Mexico
09. Ancient Knowledge and Single-Minded Purpose
10. A Priceless School in Today's World
11. Mysticism Scientifically Verified

Disc 2
01. When Much Is Given, Yet Little Is Exercised
02. Forgiveness to Eradicate the Past
03. Study of Self, the Path and Way
04. Christs: from Simple, Humble People
05. God without Punishment
06. Science of Evolution
07. That Which Stands before You
08. Point-Zero Radiation, Omni, and the Great Grid
      Drawing of triad with Pt.Z. Radiation lines and Omni relationships that create grid
09. From Omni to Electron
      Drawing of the involution of Omni from 5th to 3rd level, formation of cloud around Omni and when it gets positive and negative charges.
10. Creation of Blue BodySM from Fabric of Omni and Point Zero
11. Omni Groupings and Individualized Consciousnesses
12. Birthing of Atomic Structure and the Lightbody

Disc 3
01. Preservation of Ancient Wisdom versus Collapsing Consciousness
02. Evolutionary Effects of Decadence
03. Roots of the Soul and Involution of the Brain
04. Action of Consciousness and Energy upon the Brain
05. New Thought as Filter of Observation
06. Eternal Soul, Lord of Our Being
07. Extraordinary Knowledge Yet to Come

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