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Building a Loftier Self

Building a Loftier Self

Product Information

Series: Basic and Extended Studies
Title: Building a Loftier Self Event:
New Group Follow-Up, Part I
Date: 28 February 1992
Number Discs: 3

Disc 1
1.Toast and Greetings
2.Communication of Abstract Knowledge
3.Using Philosophy to Communicate Feelings
4.Will Manifested through Lack
5.Emotional Appeal of Words
6.Philosophy and Theory
7.A Teacher of Experience
8.About Practicing to Move Energy
9.Our Grid Based on Polarity
10.Vacuum of the Void
11.Being the Abstract

Disc 2
1.Experience and Wisdom
2.Experiencing Truth
3.Personal Doubt versus Personal Mastery
4.Great Self Born of Surrender
5.Dance and Healing the Body
6.Experience and the Problem of Time
7.Symbolism of the Initiate Star
8.Living as Material Nature versus Living in Eternal Now
9.Wisdom versus Phenomena
10.Beginners and Their Problems
11.Fasting to Create a Miracle

Disc 3
1.Demons of Fear and Self-Doubt
2.Harvest of the Seventh Seal
3.Reasons for Field and Tank Comparisons
4.Determining Reality
5.Building a Loftier Self
6.Instructions for Cards
7.Teaching on FieldworkSM
8.Practice and Participation
9.Distinct Flavor of Analogical Mind
10.Conversion of Consciousness

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