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Understanding Dimensional Mind Through Changing Frequency

Understanding Dimensional Mind Through Changing Frequency

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From Dimensional Mind IV -Sept. 16-17, 1991 Track Sequences Greetings and Toast The Dilemma of Defining Dimensional Mind Comparing the Human Mind to a Dimensional Mind The Trap of Outthinking God Knowingness: No-Time Thought The Difficulty in Teaching to Dogmas and Misconceptions Understanding the Cosmology of Self The Labor of Applying Great Knowledge Key to the Kingdom of Heaven Fear of Being Nothing Glory of God Manifest Expanding Dimensions by Becoming Something Elsev Disc 2 Mathematics, Genius, and the Ability to Focus The Art of Analogical Mind Making a Mask and Costume to Change Frequency Instructions Greetings and Toast Paganism and Dancing the Rite of God Instructions and Preparation for the Dance Being Worthy of the Title of Master Proof of the Power of the Dance Ancient Use of Thoughtful Frequency Purification to Still the Mind: Witch Doctors, Medicine Men, and Priests 2 Discs

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