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Self as Mind: Divine is the Experience

Self as Mind: Divine is the Experience

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JZ Knight: Self as Mind...Divine is Experience
October 15, 2006

Track Sequences
1. Introduction of JZ Knight
2. The Process of Channeling Ramtha
3. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment and Its Curriculum
4. The Kingdom of Heaven within One's Own Self
5. Evolution: Making Known the Unknown
6. Activating the Immortal Gene
7. Ramtha's Prophecy and the Scientific Validation of His Existence
8. The Inspiration behind the Movie, 'What the BLEEP Do We Know'
9. Making the World a Better Place Than the Way You Found It
10. Ramtha: the Master Teacher
11. Packet Diagrams Explained and the Use of Blinders in School
(Exercise of Sending-and-Receiving Not Included in Recording)
12. Closing Remarks
1 disc

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