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Flexing the Future with a Powerful Mind

Flexing the Future with a Powerful Mind

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Series: moments with the master

Advanced workshop — Changing your mind for the future
Date: 10 january, 2008
Number of discs: 3

Run time: 172:44

Disc 1 68:12
01.Re-remembering the great march — all time exists simultaneously
02.Reclaiming the goddess — what fires together, wires together
03.Jz knight, the channel — the work of a visionary
04.Undoing a fixed future
05.Tribes bond through the creation of a mutual enemy

Disc 2 62:52
01.Origins of our predisposed emotions
02.All enemies are tribal and genetically programmed through emotions
03.Neural hardwiring versus rebellious voices in your head
04.Subscribing to personal immortality
05.God is not bound by culture, gender, or tribes

Disc 3 41:13
01.Severing the gordian knot
02.We are the stone tossed into the river of time
03.Flexing the future with a powerful mind

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