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Books about Masters

Jesus the Christ: The Life of a Master

Jesus the Christ: The Life of a Master

'That Easter Sunday morning, in this Great Hall and under that tree in stormy weather, we truly celebrated Jesus? life and all masters? lives who chose to live the path of the master. We celebrated his resurrection, celebrated that he truly lived as the son of God and thereby rejoiced. That is why he could put it on the line. He was a being that was gifted with the royal blood. He was an entity that had everything going for him, and he could …


Ramtha - The White Book

Ramtha - The White Book

Special Content: Foreword by JZ Knight Glossary Index and Significance of Ramtha's Teachings Essay The general introduction to Ramtha and his teachings now revised and expanded with  A foreword by JZ Knight  a glossary of terms and concepts used by Ramtha a detailed index and a commentary essay showing the significance of Ramtha's teachings.   It addresses questions on the Source of all existenc…