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Quantum Physics

Jack & Mops Magical Adventures

Jack & Mops Magical Adventures

 Join Jack and Mops on their magical adventures after listening to their neighbor, Mrs. Bentley, telling them fascinating stories about the hidden magic to be found in Hampstead Green when she was growing up. Dwarfs, fairies, wizards, and talking animals were part of the day as well as places invisible to grownups.  Follow Jack and Mops when they discover the Lady of the Oak, the house under the mound, and meeting with all the magica…


This Strange Quantum World & You

This Strange Quantum World & You

 PatriciaTopp : Explains how scientists discovered the different qualities of the smaller-than-an-atom world, including particles and waves, ripple patterns , interference patterns, and the theory that the universe is the most powerful Bose-Einstein condensate.