Ramtha Predictions: The Days That Are Here
Underground Shelters for the Graymen
Ramtha, November 14, 1987:

"The families of the graymen by that which is termed 1920 had grown to twelve families. They were the individuals that owned the international banks and literally Switzerland itself. They were the ones who had incorporated gold to no longer be convenient for carrying around. They are the ones that created paper money. They created and owned the bank of London. They created a major Federal Reserve in every major country in which they printed money according to their desire and their plans for power."

"Where do you think the graymen are going [in the days that are here]? They will live in the mountains, in a refuge. Certainly they have their hovels but they have their safe places. They are prepared very nicely."

"Today it seems with all of your convenience it is really rather silly to store food, but it is a wise person who is doing it."

(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes - Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright ) 1987 JZ Knight)
CNN, April 1999:

"The 112,000-square-foot bunker is 64 feet beneath the wing of the luxurious Greenbrier resort hotel in the mountains of West Virginia. A team of 12 U.S. Defense Department security workers operated the bunker. Greek Island, as the project was code-named, has concrete walls three to five feet thick. Its 25-ton doors and air filtration system were meant to protect the facility against a nuclear detonation and the accompanying radioactive fallout. The Government Relocation Center also had a 12-bed medical clinic, self-contained power plant and water purification plant."

"With the end of the Cold War, other doomsday shelters are also being converted for peacetime use. A bunker in Mount Pony, Virginia, southwest of Washington, was originally built to house members of the U.S. Federal Reserve, who would have been needed to rebuild the U.S. economy following a nuclear war."

"The man who headed operations at the bunker under The Greenbrier, Paul E. Bugas, says it is logical to assume that the U.S. government has other so-called relocation centers already up and running to shelter its top officials from nuclear devastation." Click here for full story.

Mind and Consciousness in the Brain
Ramtha: February 1996

"All of these scholars running around tossing about the words consciousness and mind and the brain, and no one knows how they actually work. But I will tell you how they work."

"The brain's job is to take impulses of consciousness and energy at the neurological level and create thoughts. Mind is a product of consciousness in the brain creating thought-forms or memory. When we take all of those memories and put them together, then you can say, 'I like the mind on that person.' How many of you understand?"
From the book, Ramtha, A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality

(Excerpt from: Ramtha, A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality, Third Edition. Copyright ) 1998, 2004 JZ Knight)
Discover Magazine, June 12, 2007:

Scientists now consider that consciousness is separate from the brain: "The brain-identity theory says that consciousness ends with brain death. But if it can be shown that people can acquire information when they are unconscious and out of their body, it would be indisputable evidence that consciousness is separate from the brain," quoting Discover Magazine. discovermagazine.com.

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RSE Student Launches New Magazine

RSE student Jair Robles is proud to announce the launch of the new international publication, SuperConsciousness Magazine, Exploring Human Potential. The new magazine successfully captures the excitement of these evolving times through knowledge, information, and a continued focus on what is possible.

Raised in Veracruz, Mexico, Jair is the youngest son of a successful publishing family. Jair earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Columbia University and then ran his father's newspaper for three years. In November 1999, Jair attended a Ramtha event in Careyes, Mexico. Ramtha's teachings gave him new knowledge and allowed him to consider new possibilities than anything he was previously familiar with.

The premiere issue, "Redefining Genius," is already being distributed to subscribers around the globe and is available at some airports in the U.S. and Mexico. www.superconsciousness.com

CSE Auction's Success in News Headlines

The Children's School of Excellence (CSE) raised a reported $132,000+ at their recent auction this summer, plus the contribution of four scholarships totaling $20,000 by the event's conclusion. Retired Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards made a dramatic entrance on his Harley-Davidson bike with Auction Chair Linda Evans! Larry Schorno, a well-known auctioneer in the whole of Washington state and his energetic daughter Cindy announced that CSE's auction was the most successful they had ever seen in the state. Click here for full story.

Annie McCandliss Appointed To Yelm Library Board

RSE student Annie McCandliss has been appointed by Yelm Mayor Ron Harding to the Yelm Timberland Library Board.

The Yelm Library Advisory Board advises the Mayor and City Council on specific library matters. It consists of five members appointed by the Mayor for a period of five years on the basis of demonstrated interest, knowledge, and support of public libraries, and who serve without compensation for their service. Annie joins Steve Klein of RSE, who is in his third year on the board. Yelm City Link

Annie is also Director of the Children's School of Excellence. CSE Family Link

Brandy Knight's Professional Limousine Services for RSE Students

Brandy Knight proudly announces the opening of his Limousine business serving Yelm, Olympia, and vicinity. For airport service, weddings, proms, shopping in the city, romantic dinner, concerts, conventions, private parties, or special occasions, give Knight Limousine a call. knightlimousines.com

RSE Mothers As Successful Entrepreneurs

Jenny Bossick and Chalise Smartt, two young mothers and students of RSE, recently created TinySoles, a newly successful online business offering unique footwear for toddlers and babies. "TinySoles is a shoe store dedicated to providing the most complete selection of stylish, comfortable shoes for babies, infants, and toddlers," quoting their Web site. tinysoles.com

As this year's autumn draws near, more than 6,700 RSE students from over 60 countries around the world are getting ready for their group's Follow-Up Events at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

There are over 2,670 students in the U.S.A. and Canada, 1,600 students in Europe and the Near East, 1,575 students in Mexico and South America, and close to 900 students in Asia, Australia, and South Africa.

The year 2007 has been a great year of dynamic personal change, learning, and global evolution. Do not miss this opportunity to continue advancing in your knowledge and training with your great school. Check the RSE International schedule for more details.

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